Sunday, December 30, 2007

Disney Mini-Album

So here it is. I'm SO excited that I finished all of my Christmas projects & can now start working on the pile of projects I've set aside to do for me. This was the first one. Next I want to finish my "All About Me" album that I started with Andrea last year. And after that, I'm going to do a BIG LO to go in my new 12x12 American Crafts book - thank you Mom & Dad. So excited...I'm loving this scrapping time!!

Here it is - we went in March but hey, better late than never, right? I like how it turned out. Here's a peek at a few of the pages. If you'd like to see the rest, come visit me & I'll show it to you (& I'll let you pet my cats).

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Kelly said...

Would I really have to pet the cats? :)

Kelly said...

I am WAY behind on your blog! I even missed a contest! I'm glad Andrea won because that reminded me I still owe her from the baby weight contest.
I'm really glad you're making more peanut butter blossoms because I've been wanting to share this with someone. I used mini Reese's pb cups on some instead of all Kisses & it was really, really good. I saw that somewhere right before I made some on Christmas Eve so I tried it on a few & they were so good, I'll probably do at least half of them that way next time.

Anonymous said...

Substitute the word "Lunatic" where ever you see "Princess" and imagine the crown is really a straight jacket! I will say that it is very difficult to scrap in a straight jacket however.

P.S.- Love the blog

Andrea said...

Who's that crazy poster?!? ;)

The album is very cute. Good job tackling those to-do's and it's not even the new year!!

Now go post it at SIStv ;).

Have fun tonight with Warla and the girls!

Erin said...

love that cute little album and I'm glad you used your pirate princess stuff...I knew you needed that!

andrea said...