Saturday, December 29, 2007

And The Winner Is...

AnDRea t.

A S.B. gift card will be on it's way to her soon. I *think* she likes those...
Congratulations Andrea & thank you to everyone who played along!! I really enjoyed reading your comments. Maybe we'll do another contest again soon...stay tuned.
(And yes Amanda, you snuck in just in were also in the drawing). :)

Happy Saturday!!


Erin said...

how did I miss that contest?
You don't update your blog for like weeks :) and than all of a sudden it's like 3 posts a day around here.....hmmm, do you have a prize for the late comer? ha!

Andrea said...

Happy Saturday to me indeed!!

As Ethan would say, "I knew that would work" leaving all those comments ;).

Thanks! It was nice to see a few of your "lurkers" come out and play!

Amanda said...

Thanks for throwing me in the drawing! Better luck next time ;o)

Wow...202 posts, I just celebrated 100. I enjoy looking into your world, thanks for sharing.

andrea said...

Congrats Andrea!! Thanks for the fun Jessie! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time off.