Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mia Turns 4!!

This weekend my niece celebrated her fourth birthday. She actually turns four on Tuesday, but who wants to have a big birthday bash on a Tuesday? :) My parents came over for the event, which was extra wonderful since I hadn't seen my Mom since May, and my Dad since the beginning of July. It was so much fun to hang out with the family yesterday. I wish my parents lived closer so that we could do the 'family thing' all of the time, instead of a few times a year (yes Hamilton girls, I'm jealous...). But we enjoyed our short time together immensely & here are some pictures from the birthday adventures...Thanks Laura for throwing a wonderful party - I think it was my most favorite one yet!!

Elephant Cake (made by my fancy sister)

The birthday girl - LOVE this picture - it shows off her little personality...

Laura & the girls opening presents...

Mia painting at her new table with her new paints...ah the fun she will have!

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Erin said...

glad you got some fun family time. Love the elephant cake, good job Laura!