Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Did It!!

...finished my Christmas Album that is. I told you I would. You didn't believe me did you? :)

Yep - as of this evening it's all finished, now all I need is for December 1st to come so I can begin my journal entries for the days leading up to Christmas. Hooray!

I must tell you before I show you the pictures - that I'm very thankful for two things during this project 1. My husband (aka, the computer) 2. My Cricut

Tim reminded me after I was already finished with cutting out 4 of the 16 scalloped papers to cover my chipboard that the Cricut (you may remember that he got this for me for my birthday) would do that for me. I shrieked with delight. I did not have this information! So - he scanned the chipboard & hooked up the Cricut to the laptop & boom - instant pages cut to fit exactly to the size of the chipboard. And it looks PERFECT! How fancy is he? I'm so proud of him. So here is a sneak peak of the album, in all of it's glory.

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Andrea said...

Very cool my friend ... and I'm totally impressed that it is ready weeks ahead of time. Will you add pictures too? You could add in more pages for those if you wanted ... since it's D-Rings ... so much versatility.

And the Cricut doing the work for you ... RAD!

Camille said...

Cute book! i am so happy to hear your a scrapbooker. We have a LOT in common in that arena. I love that you blog too. I am adding you to my blog list. :)