Sunday, November 09, 2008

Here They Come...

After 2 1/2 months of NO scrapbooking - I finally came back to it tonight! Hooray!! I love to scrapbook, but lately other *things* have taken over my life & time (i.e. pregnancy & new job). So I'm thrilled to report that tonight I played scrapbooking! More importantly, I played & FINISHED (that's right My Andrea) FINISHED 52 cards!! So I will start posting all of them for your viewing enjoyment. Next, I will upload them to our Flickr group & then be officially done. What a great feeling! I've loved doing this project this year & I love that it's now become a journal from my life from Oct. 07- Oct. 08. Enjoy!

Window Shopping (front):


Back to School (front):


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Erin said...

Yeah for finishing!

Camille said...

This is a realy cute idea, but I want more info? 52 cards? one for each week? Whatever theme you want to put on the cards? Am I getting it?? email me.