Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More Scrappin'

Look! I'm early! This week's prompt was issued by my good friend Kristi. Her challenge was 'for the love of friendship'. What does friendship mean to you? Who do you turn to with the good & the bad? Who do you confide in? Here's my take on her challenge:


And also catching up with the Paper '08 challenge. The prompt from 2 weeks ago was to journal one day in your life. A time capsule for 'today'. I chose to do this past Sunday. Here's my page:

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Andrea said...

It was so fun getting to see you create these in person. Tell Tim you are more creative when we scrap together, so you should move accross the street. Then we could share the dining room scrap space :).

Kelly said...

Yes Jessie I agree. You need to convince Tim to move here! :)

I'm glad you guys had such a great week and that you were lucky enough to have two snow days thrown into the mix.