Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! We will be celebrating at school all day tomorrow. It's a big day when you're 8....or 30.

Tonight our lovely friends Ben & Amanda Pants came over for an early Valentine's dinner. The boys cooked while the girls sat back, drank wine, & chatted. It was super fun. And my the dinner they cooked - it was fantastic!!! Thank you to my wonderful husband for spoiling me, yet again.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Kelly said...

That sounds like a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Enjoy your day with your students!

Andrea said...

Happy Valentine's Day Mrs. A ... hope you have as much fun as your kiddos do today!

Love you much!

Bethany said...

I almost get butterflies in my tummy remembering how much fun Valentine's Day was at school, always wondering what your crush's valentine would say! Enjoy your Valentine today and thanks for the card... it made my day!

abdrea said...

Happy V day! Have fun with those kiddos!

aNdrea said...

oops :0)