Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer Fun...

Our summer has already begun!! A couple of weeks ago, we went with our lovelies Amanda & Sophia to a couple of nurseries to get some flowers. While there, we gave rides to two sweet little girls:

And we *may* have filled Amanda's trunk with flowers...

We've already been to ID to visit the bestie & families:

And today we discovered a new ** place to play with our friend Margaret & her kiddos. The Willamette Valley Fruit Company. Good pie, adorable boutique & great fun to be had outside? Yes, please!

What a super summer it's starting out to be & the weather is even cooperating this week too!!!

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Amanda said...

Just catching up on blog reading and didn't even know I made a cameo on your blog! Haahaa! Such a good day of flower shopping.

We must go to the Willamette Fruit Co. Next week? Let's set something up. 'Phia needs to ride one of those trikes!