Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tonight I Am....

1. LOVING my new purse. I bought a bundle deal with 2 shells & bought another shell on clearance at my friends party. Then, last night Tim came home from the Rose Festival {where he was one of the official photographers!!!} & surprised me with 2 more shells. Spoiled much?

2. Playing with my Silhouette - making Father's Day cards & Birthday cards for a week filled with friends birthdays.

3. Feeling sentimental about this song:

I bought the piano sheet music tonight & printed it from my computer {hello technology} - went upstairs & sight read it - I was a little proud of myself. I haven't done this in feels good.

4. Enjoying an evening of getting some loose ends around here tied up. :)

5. Wishing the laundry would fold itself & the toilets were the insta-clean kind. Thinking that can all wait until tomorrow.

6. Kind of thankful for the rain - my flowers are very happy.

7. Thankful for a nice low-key weekend. Looking forward to a low-key week as well.

Happy Sunday!



Kelly said...

I love posts like these, filled up with all sorts of random happiness. Enjoy your low-key week!

Ashley said...

If you find something that will take care of the laundry, please oh please let me know. ;)