Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summer Decor

This summer my mantle is looking especially festive. Would you like to see for yourself?

I made this banner using paper & ribbon - love it!! And you may remember the 'Happy Spring' picture from earlier (say...this spring??) :). Well, a little revising and it now says 'Happy Summer'. Fancy.

And the fabulous My Andrea sent me this table runner for 4th of July. I love it. I'm pretty sure it's really a happy summer table runner. If you are feeling envious of this - you can get your own here.

Loving these summer days!!
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Andrea said...

Very cute ... it was probably the summer decor that got you that offer ;). The table runner looks very sweet, I love it with the lantern. I need to start working on some fall/winter ones for the shop right now!

So happy I get to see it all in person very soon! Mwah!

summer said...

love it! want to come to my house and do some decorating? :)

Kelly said...

Cute! I'm envious of the table runner! Although now that my schedule is suddenly lighter I can probably make my own huh? :)

andrea said...

Love the summer decor!!

Erin said...

love the banner. so wish I had a mantle. bug. you know what summer decor is around here? air conditioning and fans. oh and popsicle wrappers. ha.