Friday, July 16, 2010

Grammy & Papa

Last weekend Grammy & Papa were here to visit. Unfortunately, Grammy didn't feel very well, so I don't have any pics of her with Eloise - but we did snap a few of Papa holding 'his little princess' as he calls her. I love that he calls her that.

Eloise enjoying a snack with Papa & her giraffe:

Eloise & Sophia at Costco last week, enjoying a side-by-side ride:

And because I can't resist, another pool pic. This was taken by Grammy - does that count Faith? :) She LOVES her pool - what fun we are having this summer.

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Andrea said...

Very sweet photos of her and Richard. I'm glad Ella got to be a little bit of sunshine for Faith in the midst of her pain :(.

And I can't believe how BIG Sophia looks ... oh my goodness. So sweet those two besties :).

Love ya!