Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Andrea's Visit

Last week my bestie came to visit us for almost a whole week! What spoiled girls we were. There was crafting, chatting, eating, Starbucks, more chatting, more Starbucks, playing with two of the sweetest peas around, chatting, and oh - did I mention Starbucks? We had a wonderful time. I oh so wish that we lived closer. Here are a few peeks into our week together: (AND, we actually remembered to take photos this time - almost everyday - are you proud Erin? We were.). :)

Thank you Andrea & Ethan for sharing part of your short summer vacation with us. We loved having you! Come back again very, very soon - we miss you too much already.
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Andrea said...

So sweet. Love that we took pictures :). I need to share on my blog too!!

I'm so happy we made this work, it was a great trip ... even if it went way too fast and made me miss you even more! Boo!

summer said...

aw, looks like it was so much fun! pretty sure we'll have to do another girls trip up there with all of us :) and maybe ethan ;)

Erin said...

good job girls. I'm so proud! Now someday we need a girls trip to take photos of all of us together.

glad you had a great time. ready for my turn next week!