Sunday, October 04, 2009

Our Idaho Adventure...

This past week and a half, Eloise & I were in Idaho enjoying visiting family & friends. We began the visit by participating in the Women's Fitness Walk on Saturday. It was a 5K & we were joined by these lovely ladies:

Summer, Renee, My Andrea, & Stacie.

I had a blast participating in this & am already planning to go again next year. Beautiful day, fabulous company, not to mention it was a good workout. :)

While we were there, Eloise asked for some new sunglasses -I was happy to get them for her:

We spent a lot of wonderful time with My Andrea & big E. Ethan asked if he could pretend to be Eloise's big brother while we were there...I think he was trying to break our hearts with his sweetness. :) Here they are in a posed picture together - so cute:

Big E & Lil' E

I so enjoyed my week home. We were able to spend time with my parents, Tim's parents, my family, My Andrea & a few friends. The only bummer of the trip was 1. It was a little too short
2. Tim wasn't there to join us & 3. We all got colds while I was there so I wasn't able to see two of my dear friends. :( I'm feeling much better now, so Kelly & Cyndee if you want to come over - we're germ free right now. :)

Thanks again to my parents & My Andrea for hosting us! More pictures to come...
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Bethany said...

It was nice seeing you! Thanks again for the blanket... I think the baby might have to start using it now, it's too soft to sit in closet until January :)

Andrea said...

We LOVED having you too ... come back any time.

And hey, a picture of us ... that might be the one and only ... pathetic ... that's what we are!!