Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Beach & Pumpkin Patch

A week ago this one came over with her family to visit us. We were able to stay at the beach for the majority of their visit which was oh so fun. We played on the computer by the ocean, drank lots of hot tea, chatted, gabbed, & talked some more, played with our kiddos, & generally enjoyed each others company. Andrea took a photo of our little family for us while we were visiting Newport. Here is our most recent family portrait:

On Sunday, Andrea, Ethan, Eloise, & I went to the pumpkin patch. It was a perfect day for it & not a lot of people were there when we arrived. We took many photos (much to the surprise of Andrea & I - we don't have a very good track record of photo documentation when we are together). Here are some of the photos we came away with:

Andrea & Ethan:

The girls: (Photo taken by Ethan - nice job buddy!)

Ella enjoying her first time at the patch:

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Andrea said...

So fun! Thank you SO much for having us, it was a welcome break to our routine and we miss you much already! Loves!

Michelle said...

I love Ella's Pumpkin Patch outfit...too cute!

soundguy said...

Now that's clearly a happy baby. How I miss you guys and her! You better not waste all her cuteness while I am gone, save some for next summer please. Thanks.

andrea said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! Cute family picture :D

Faith said...

I need a copy of the cutest little punkin' girl!

Erin said...

too cute! looks like you all had a lovely time and I'm glad you took some photos together!

See you soon :)
how much do I love I can say that!