Monday, October 26, 2009

7 Months...

My little cheetah is 7 months old as of last Friday. This month I decided to take her elephant pictures in her Halloween costume. I love her outfit & think that the series of events that took place while we were doing the elephant pictures was actually very appropriate - you'll see:

Here she is sitting next to 'the magical shrinking elephant'. Just the elephant & my little cheetah.

The cheetah notices an elephant sitting next to her - hummm...maybe it will taste delish - I should find out...

The cheetah pounces on the elephant.

The cheetah & I agree - elephant ears are the best! :)

This month Eloise is:

Rolling over
Eating food. She likes apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, & tolerates rice cereal. She does not care for peas.
She is learning how to giggle, but it mostly sounds like a fake cough right now. :)
We are taking a Kindermusik class & she loves it! She 'sings' along during all of the songs & smiles the entire time - so sweet.
She is going to bed at 6:45 and sleeping until around 8:00 most mornings. Awesome.
She likes playing in her exersaucer, but only if you'll sit near her. If you get up to walk away, she gets upset & wants to come too.
She is a happy little traveler & accompanies me on almost all of my errands - such fun to take her with me! She especially likes it when we go to Starbucks...I'm just sayin'.
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ChoirPres said...

OH my goodness! I love the pics and the update! I can't believe how much she's changed. I miss you both a whole bunch =)

Andrea said...

Too cute ...
And I agree, Elephant Ears are delish!


Kelly said...

7 months?!?! Seriously? How did that happen so fast? Wow!
She's the cutest cheetah I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Faith said...

Wish we could be there for Halloween. That outfit should garner some yummy treats. Richard said Ella is jumping now, not just standing around. We need a video of one giant leap for Ella, please

andrea said...

7 months?! Time to start thinking about giving her a sibling :P

She's too cute!

Erin said...

Yay for new accomplishments! I'm thinking she's missing out on the peas though...I heart them. Maybe her Auntie Erin can teach her to like them.

Amanda said...

She gets cuter and cuter everytime I see her! Seriously, and I live in Salem, so this is a pretty aggressive cuteness schedual she is keeping. :-)

Amanda said...

I love coming to your blog! What a cutie. Happy Halloween!