Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Erin's Visit...

I'm blogging on borrowed time right now - my little bundle is going to wake up at any moment now & truthfully, I should have been in bed sleeping too - but blogging about Erin-o is more fun. :)

Last week Erin came to visit. Ah the fun we had - the distance factor is becoming more and more of a problem, this AZ girl needs to start enjoying the rain more than her sun. :) It was wonderful to have her here & introduce Eloise to her.

While Erin was here, she finished up the final touch for Ella's room. We also had lots of baby holding time, a few trips to Starbucks, Walgreens, & even Target! Not bad, not bad. Thank you again Erin for coming out - we loved having you & miss you already!!


The canvas' she made (I was suppose to do them, but instead I cleaned up the house & fed the baby - thanks again Erin for doing them for me - I love them!!!).

Ella, because I can't resist putting a pic of her up on the blog....

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Erin said...

Aww, sweet post! I miss you too!