Sunday, December 14, 2008


On Friday night, Tim took me to see this concert. Oh my goodness - it was wonderful. It was his Christmas concert & something that we'd both wanted to see for a really long time - what a wonderful treat!!

And on his tour was Melinda Doolittle. After the concert Tim noticed that she was sitting at a table with no line waiting to sign autographs. At that same time my friend Janelle from church found us too & so we both got in line together & acted like silly school girls, nervous & not sure what to do. :) Melinda was SUPER nice & this is the pic that Tim took of us - so fun!!

Thank you Tim for a wonderful evening (even with my cold - sorry for the sniffles during the concert...). :)
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ChoirPres said...

Fun! All those years getting sucked in to Idol finally paid off! I like your new banner, too. Very festive =)

soundguy said...

Is Michael W. Smith Still Touring? I think that or the Newsboys Concert might be one of my first ever. By now, that guy must put on a an amazing show. Very Jealous.

Kelly said...

I'm glad you guys got to go. He was here last night but well, you already know why we didn't go.
Did you guys get a snowday today?

Has your friend had her baby?