Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Last of...

the latest 52 cards:

Girl Time:

And here is my birthday present from Tim!! Oh my goodness the fun we've already had with it...& the fun we will continue to invent with it. Love my Cricut!!

Here they are - my girls - all together. This was taken in our backyard on my birthday. Precious!

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andrea said...

Sounsd like you have a blast when friends come to visit!

Great job on all the cards. I have fallen a little behind again. I am hoping to catch up this week!

andrea said...

I mean Sounds not sounsd :)

Bethany said...

OK, I'm not sure where you found the time to do about a million posts at once, but I only have the time to comment once ;) Your cards are so cute. They make me wish I scrapped, but when I think of just how darn un-creative I am, I figure I'll just stick to admiring all your cuteness.

Andrea said...

Cute, cute, cute ... Cricut. Oh wait your cards are pretty cute too!!

You're quite the spoiled girl you know ... fun presents and a party with all your BFF's!