Sunday, August 10, 2008

Erin's Visit

And here is the list from Erin & I's adventures. You may notice that Friday & Saturday look familiar...Erin & Andrea were both here for those two days. Lucky me!!

Friday –
Nicole came over – Scrapbook Fever
Wild Pear for lunch
Michael’s / Cost Plus / BB&B (Ped Egg)
FFY Dinner – Grilled Veggies
Devil Wears Prada again
Cookies – “Dough Balls”
Napoleon while scrapping more

Saturday –
PJP Birthday Day!!
Cinnamon Rolls & Mimosas
Pedicures & Manicures
Lunch – Sandwiches (Quizno’s & Taco Bell)
Sliding glass door shattered!!
Clean up / Party Prep
Dinner – BBQ
Ice Cream Social

Sunday –
Andrea left
Walk around Kiskuski neighborhood
Best Little Roadhouse w/ Beth, Adam, Jim & Nicole for lunch/Mini Golf
Ice cream & cupcakes at the house with company
Halibut & rice
Dan In Real Life

Monday –
Moved Jessie out of the music room – THANK YOU Erin!!
Lunch at Subway (2:00)
Went to Nicole’s for evening/dinner
Shopping in Corvallis/Dinner @ Nearly Normals/walk to Nicole’s office/Gelato in the park
No Reservations

Tuesday –
Went to rent movies/lunch @ Big Town Hero
Penelope/27 Dresses & scrapped
Amanda came over & we had burritos
Watched Definitely, Maybe
Ice cream & cupcakes again

Wednesday –
Breakfast @ Busik Court
To the coast we go!!
Lincoln City, Depot Bay/Lunch @ Tidal Raves/Beverly Beach
Aspinwall’s for Peach milkshake/(Chocolate if you’re Jessie)
Naps (2 hours!!!)
Dinner @ 8! Egg sandwiches
Scrapbooked/Sleepless in Seattle
Bed @ 2 am! Way to go girls!!

Thursday –
Slept in late
Ready to go –
Cricket play, photo sharing, being sad that Erin’s leaving. Not taking her to the airport.
Target – airport (LOTS of traffic on our way there…) – but we made it.

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Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, the sliding door shattered??? What happened?