Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's True!!

Yes, it's true. This is a new post from me. Remember my last post? Telling you of upcoming visitors? Well, they came that day (almost 10 minutes after I posted it!!) & my last visitor left today. So, I'm a sad, sad, lonely girl. How am I suppose to entertain myself now, alone? I don't remember what that's like. :)

I have been very blessed to have my best girls around me these past few weeks. It began when Matt, Andrea, & Ethan came shortly after the last post. And it ended today with me dropping off Miss Erin at the airport. ( insert *sniff, sniff*).

I have LOTS & LOTS of adventures to share with you...& more pictures than you would believe. I'm also happy to say that I did a lot of scrapping during these past few weeks, & I will be sharing those photos with you soon. I am in no shortage of pics or adventures to share, so I have no excuse for not blogging for the next few weeks before I return to sss........sssscch.....sssssccchhhooo....nope. Can't say it yet.

Here she is - in all of her glory, my Andrea

Here is Ethan - he set up his army men in the walk-way, so we would all be safe...

Here we are at a 'picnic'. More on this adventure later...

Here are my bestest girls - all in 1 spot. What a special treat...

So there you have it - I will leave you with those 4 pictures for now. Come back again soon to check for more adventure updates!
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