Monday, March 03, 2008

She Did It!!

This weekend Nicole turned 30. We surprised her *big time*!!

Erin arrived on Thursday night (as did Tim) so I spent my evening at the airport. :) Thursday night Nicole came over & we had a slumber party - round 1. Friday morning we woke up & it was 'go' time. As soon as Nicole was in the shower Erin & I were packing our bag & getting things ready. Erin whisked Nicole away for coffee & I got into action packing the car - we even went so far as to put Nicole's things in another suitcase in-case she came into the bedroom - she would still see her suitcase on the floor (of course - she didn't even come back into the house - but that's okay).

I can't get into the rest of the details tonight (my brain hurts a little) so you can read it here.

I will expand upon all of our festivities this week...after some more sleep. Until then, here are a few pictures from our adventures. Thank you girls for all of the wonderful playing - I miss you both dearly!!

The birthday girl - isn't she beautiful? This is my new favorite picture of her...

Arriving at the house - realizing we were surprising her...

My Erin...miss you!!

The cupcakes from Friday night at the beach...
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Anonymous said...

No fair posting so much love. Now I'm sitting in my office with tears in my eyes! Apparently turning 30 made me into a big cry-baby. Or maybe it's because I love my girls so much...Although I'm still a little disconcerted by how well you all scheme and lie!
Big Smooches, PJP!
Tiara Princess

Melissa said...

You are such a good surpriser! Nicole is very lucky to have such fabulous friends. I agree about the picture with the tiara - she looks so beautiful!!!

jimusik said...

Hey, could you send me some of that Tiara'd Girls pictures? Be nice to have in my collection.