Sunday, March 09, 2008

This Cat...

Is named Deacon. He is adorable - & slightly spoiled. I decided to make a list of things that he does to entertain us. Ally entertains us too - but she acts more like a real cat. You'll see what I mean...(and yes, Kelly, this post will be just about the cat - sorry). :)

1. Deacon likes to be on the computer. Every time I sit down to check e-mail, check blogs, etc - he's here putting his paw on me & meowing to come up. He's actually doing it right now. You may remember this...

2. He follows me everywhere I go. Seriously. I have a habit of not sitting down when I'm at home & this little guy will follow me
around from room to room as long as I'm on the go. When I do sit - he's right there to jump up into my lap - which leads me to the
next point -

3. He LOVES to be petted. At any cost - really. He will let you pet him for as long as you allow. One day this past summer I decided
to see just how long he would stay - after an hour & a half, I was done & he still wanted more. (That's right - I don't have anything
better to do in the summer than to do experiments on petting my cat - how great is that?!!?).

4. He sleeps like a person. He likes to put his head on my pillow & get under the covers with his front paws sticking out - ridiculous.

5. He's recently discovered Spongebob. We have a little yellow toy that he has decided belongs to him. The thing is - he won't play
with it while you're looking. Tim has tested this theory by putting it near him & standing back. Deacon won't touch it. However, as
soon as we leave the room - he does this...

(That's spongebob in-between his paws - he secretly loves it).

6. He comes when you call him. Just like a dog. Every time. I'm not exaggerating.

7. He loves popcorn. As soon as he hears the kernels start to pop - he comes running. He usually likes to eat between 7-9 pieces.

8. He does not love to take a bath. He howls & whines the entire time.

9. He sighs out loud when he's about to fall asleep. As if to say 'this is the life'.

10. He plays fetch. We have a toy that spins plastic discs into the air & if you're lucky, he will go get it & bring it back to
you. He does this 3 times maximum - then he's done.

11. He's a mama's boy. I have no idea how this happened. Okay, maybe some idea...

12. He's terrified of our adorable nieces. Whenever they come over - Deacon hides under the bed. A few months ago, he hid for 23
hours...because they spent the night - scardy-cat.

13. He misses Erin. After dropping her off at the airport last Sunday, we returned home to find this - waiting for her on her pillow. I'm sure he was also longing for 'Aunt Nicole' too. He loves his auntie.

This cat is too fun. He's probably as close to a dog as we'll come.

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Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, you really need to have a baby. You have WAYYYY too much time on your hands. ; ) The boys' new favorite word is 'cat' and as soon as they see a cat, they freak out and chase it all over. Its cool that Deacon is so entertaining!

On a side note...yesterday Kathryn, the boys and I were driving home from Molalla. Kathryn and I were singing along to some country songs and she says to me 'You and Mrs. Adams should try out for American Idol. You'd both win'. My first thought was, 'how precious is that!!' My second thought was 'has the girl heard me sing?!?!?' But yes, YOU could definitely win!!!

Bethany said...

That's sweet... you just keep treating him like your baby. Sometimes I wish I had more time to treat mine like my babies ;)

Erin said...

oh deacon...I miss you too! I can also attest to the need for constant goes on all night long too..."you awake yet?" "how bout now?" "you moved, wanna pet me?"

Kelly said...

Oh that poor cat's in for a rude awakening when a baby comes along! :)