Monday, March 17, 2008

52 Card

Here are some more of my creations. Last week Erin challenged us to use something from our junk mail. I had the perfect piece of mail. It was from Verizon tempting me with this. I LOVE this. I desperately want it. I can't have it. Before Tim (BT) I was not a gadget girl - in fact, I made fun of him & his gadgety-ness while we were dating & even when we were newly married. Not so much now, he's converted me...I love them too & I think I would be very productive with a cute pink blackberry in my hands. Anyway I digress. Tim didn't know I wanted to keep the Verizon add for the junk mail & he shredded it as I was begging again for this gadget. So...I dug the remains of my sad little picture out of the recycle bin & used it on the back of my card. It makes for a much more interesting story. And sadly, it's the only blackberry I'll be holding anytime soon.

Junk Mail: Front

Junk Mail: Back

Silvia did a guest prompt & her challenge was: What's on your mind?


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andrea said...

Great cards! I am so far behind on mine. I will try to get caught up this weekend, now that my new scrap space is done.

Kelly said...

I love that Verizon card! It looks cool! I get a new phone in April when my 2 years is FINALLY up. I can't wait!

Melissa said...

Very cool! I love it!

BTW, your excitement (only 3 days) is my stress! ; )

Erin said...

truly classic!
i about fell off my chair laughing at this sad little shredded picture!
I say you should get the pink and leave the red to me!

Andrea said...

Oh how I wish I was only four cards behind ... I need some serious help!!
I love yours though and yes, the Verizon one was a wonderful accident, I love the shredded effect.

Good job little miss scrappy scrapperson!