Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Long Overdue

What's that? I owe you a blog update? Oh that's right - I DO have a blog. Whew! Life gets busy when you let it, doesn't it?
Well, I promised you some pictures of Lil' Miss' new hair, so here they are.

Last week, she & her Daddy shared a smoothie - it was precious {and apparently delicious too}.

Here's a closeup. Notice the adorable barrette? Yeah, Auntie Kim gave that to her for Christmas - we love it!

And just a switch in gears - here is a look at my stairwell {for now}. I love that I have room for a collage wall. This will be added to periodically & pictures will be updated in existing frames. I heart this new space.

And because I just can't get enough of her, here's another shot of my little cutie-patootie. She is so much fun right now. Although, I guess I should be honest & let you know that not everything is sunshine & rainbows around here {at least not ALL of the time :) }. She has a habit of saying to her Mama 'NOOO! DOP!' {Translation: NOOO! STOP}. Yeah...that doesn't go over well. At least she keeps me on my toes. :)

I will try to get back later this week to share some of my Valentine decorations. That's right - Valentine's decor is up in our house. Some of it is newly handmade too! Ooohhh la, la.
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Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Oh, I love the collage wall ... you didn't tell me about that ;). Something we haven't talked about it.
It reminds me of mine ... and reminds me I need to update mine ;).

And the little miss ... well move closer, I'll take her on the tough days ;). She's cute as can be ... I can't imagine her saying ... "No, Dop" :D.

Loves! Misses!

Amanda said...

Cute hair! And clip! My girls never left anything in their hair for long and now ... it's almost hopeless.
Good luck with the NOOO DOP. ;o)
I need to get my V-day decor up, I'm just sad to have to remove a really cute winter banner from my mantle.

Acker Family said...

Gosh, she's such a cutie! Love your wall of art! FUN! And we still need to get together! My bad. I will email you :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for the update! You know you can always make up for the long blog pauses by posting pictures of that cute little Miss! :)