Thursday, December 30, 2010

3 Little Monkeys

This year, my mom gave each of the grand-daughters a set of matching jammies with their name on them. They are adorable. I hope this is a new tradition that my mom is starting. (hint, hint mom!). :) However....trying to get all three of these adorable little monkeys to look at the camera at the same time is a completely different story. Here's what most of the shots looked like:

And even though they aren't all looking, smiling, & posing - I think that these photos are priceless. I love that these cousins are growing up together. What a Merry Christmas indeed!
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andrea said...

Those jammies are SO cute! Do you know where she ordered them?

Acker Family said...

Um, LOVE those jammies! Yes, please tell where they were from! :)