Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday's Gratitude

Grateful Monday:

Today has been filled with

1. Homemade pancakes for 3 small kiddos around my breakfast table.

2. Delightful shouts as said 3 small kiddos played with the new Little People's zoo.

3. A reorganization project - Jessie & Andrea {1} Pantry {0}. Hello organized canned goods...

4. Nap time for the household

5. Delish dinner with friends surrounding our table

6. A Mama's trip out to the store without kiddos.

7. Craft time (which was quickly given up because of it's silly complexity & not a great end result in sight).

8. A new blog lay-out & tutorial from My Andrea

9. Lots of love & smiles filling my home all day

10. A comfy bed awaiting

Hope your Monday was as enjoyable as mine!


amanda said...

Love the new banner! It all sounds simply wonderful. I love the days when both girls are home, the noise that fills the house fills my heart with joy.

He Gives Us Manna said...

yes it was :) and I'm happy that yours was also!

summer said...

oh man, how cute is your new layout? I love love love it! and pretty sure I'm wishing my pantry looked anything like yours, it is a scurry place, good thing it has a door :)

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

So enjoying my days with you ... even those filled with organizing your pantry ;0.

Kelly said...

3 kids? Who was the third?
Cleaning the pantry was on my list of things to do yesterday but it didn't happen. Today's the day though! Along with the laundry room, it will get done!
I'm glad you two girls are having so much fun!

Princess Jessie Pants said...

Kelly: My friend Ashley's little girl was over while she was at an appointment. :)