Saturday, November 06, 2010

Grand-Daddy's & Toes

It's only Saturday night & this weekend has already been filled with lots of love. Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Kent came over to play scrapbook (HOORAY!!) & we had a ball. She stayed & made dinner, & my parents joined in just at about that time. (They came over this weekend for Melia's 6th birthday party). We all enjoyed hanging out together & before bed, Grand-Daddy gave Miss E her bottle.

Love this picture.

Today after the party & fast forward 6 hours later, I have a toe painting buddy. Do you know who's toes these are??!? These toes are going to be hanging out at my house for several days & I can hardly wait. So happy that these toes are here:

Such a wonderful time of year for visits from family & friends. Two of the most important 'things' in this life...
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Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

So fun!! I don't know who those toes belong too, but they are awfully cute ... well aside from the scary big toenail about to fall off. She must be a runner or something ... sacrificing beauty for physical fitness ... phhhhttt.

Enjoy your time ;).