Monday, September 27, 2010

My Fancy Helper

This week Eloise has been very, very busy. Apparently turning 18 months qualifies you for all kinds of helpful

Trying out Mommy's headbands to make sure they are nice:

Rearranging all of the drawers in the bathroom, just because she can:

And putting a lot of the contents of said drawers along the tile of the bathtub, because that is really helpful...

I'm LOVING this age. She is so much fun. She loves to watch what I'm doing & imitate. A little bit of a scary responsibility, but nonetheless, so much fun. These were taken last week - she put the headband on by herself & proceeded to run around the house with it on for about 5 minutes. :)

She turned 18 months on Thursday, so today I took elephant pictures of her. I'll post those later this week.
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Nicole said...

I agree - she's totally rad right now. I had so much fun with her (and her mama!) on Sunday. I'm so close to teaching her "messy Jessie". Mwa ha ha!

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Too funny. Glad I have pictures to go along with the visuals I was putting together while we were on the phone. I can not wait to get enjoy little E in a few short weeks!!

joles family said...

Oh yes! The little helper stage! Causes extra work for us, but so darn cute! They gotta learn somehow! About 3 months ago Savannah picked up my deodorant and started wiping the cap side under her arm pit. I didn't even know she watched me do that! Hilarious!