Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 3:

Here we are in the middle of Day 3. It's been a semi-productive day, with a good amount of playtime involved as well. :)

Here is a pic of our RED front door. I *heart* my front door:

A view from the front door (Erin, this is Sophie's memorial) see our grass coming up? It's raining today too - grow grasses grow!

A view from the living room window - looking back towards the kitchen/dining room. To the left (at the back) is the entry way from the front door.

A view of our back deck. Thanks Laura for the lovely flowers!!

I took more photos that I'll post later. Little Miss just woke up - gotta go!

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amanda said...

What fun, a new house to make into a home! I love the pillow on your couch and your red chairs are so great.

andrea said...

You have gotten a lot accomplished in just 3 days! You are doing a fabulous job making it a home. Looks great!!

summer said...

I <3 your door too and your house! You are doing such an awesome job, I'm totally blown away, and I think I recognize that kitchen rug? :)

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

I can not wait to come see it in person, I love it and know it will feel like home after a few months of life happening :).
Do you want me to bring the "D'Asternoff Suite" sign for our new digs?!?!

Love ya!

Erin said...

I'm just now having a chance to check out your blog. I've missed a lot. Um, not fair about the door by the way. I'm tempted to tell you you suck, but I'll bite my tongue :)

Miss you. Call me this weekend. xoxo