Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Update...

My goodness what a busy weekend we had.

Friday afternoon I drove down to Corvallis to play with Nicole & Beth. While driving I chatted on the phone to Miss Erin - it was a great evening of catching up. Once at Nicole's we made dinner, played Mexican Train, painted toes, & watched 'The Devil Wears Prada'. Nicole had not seen it yet *gasp*! It was a lovely evening of girlie time & playing. We all stayed the night but poor Nicole had to be out the door the next day at 7:15am. Beth & I waved quietly from our beds...

Saturday morning we cleaned up the house before leaving & I headed to the Wagner's house. Mark's youngest brother was getting married on Saturday & Laura was doing hair for lots of people so I was in charge of my babies. I only had both girls for a little while as Nellie was dropped off at the hotel by 11:00 so she too could get ready (she was a flower girl). Mia & I had a great time hanging out with Aunt Holly & baby Addi the rest of the morning. After Mia's nap, we headed to the church for family photos & the wedding. The Wagners asked Tim & I to sit with them, as they said we are part of their family now, I thought that was very sweet. So we enjoyed the wedding from the 2nd row. It was a beautiful ceremony, the bride & groom looked very happy, & my sister sang the most beautiful song. I've heard her sing a million times but this was the best I've ever heard her. I was very proud of her (plus she looked pretty too!).
After the reception, it was up to Portland for us. We stayed at a hotel Saturday night because Tim's parents were getting in to the airport at the untimely hour of 7:15 am the next day. Our hotel room was fancy & super fun...I just wish that we hadn't been so tired. I climbed into bed with my new People magazine at 9:00 and was asleep before 10:00. :)

Sunday began early!! I don't like getting up early on any summer day but especially a Sunday. It was worth it though, we went & picked up Faith & Richard. We drove back to Salem, went to church & then headed to Eugene to meet Tim's brother Randy & his girlfriend for lunch. We went to PF Chang's & then back to their house for a tour. We hung out there for a bit & then went to see Blades of Glory. It was ridiculous & hilarious - very entertaining. Plus...we only paid $1.50 each, so it was totally worth it.

After hundreds of miles of running up and down the freeway, we headed home. We were thrilled to be home last night, just hanging out doing nothing, and not being in the car. :)


Bethany said...

I'm almost tired just reading about your weekend... what a busy girl you've been!

andrea said...

Holy smokes, that was one busy weekend! Sounds like fun though.

Andrea said...

What a good friend and sister you are ... I think I would have taken one look at all that and said never mind, I'll just stay home :).

Is this a week of rest and catch up?

You've got a few more busy weekends coming up ;).

Erin said...

sounds like you had an exhausting weekend!