Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Last night we had a house warming party. It was optional to dress up & lots of people did, which made it even more fun. These two crazy kids came looking like this: Can you guess who they are dressed up as??!!?!?

Ready for your answer? They came dressed as us. They even brought their baby 'Eloise' (all the way from Goodwill). HA ha ha ha! I loved it. And at the end of the night - Nicole gave me her big ring. Guess what I wore today? :) Thanks for making us laugh you guys - you were hilarious!

Tonight, we took our little butterfly on her first Trick or Treating experience. We went to a few friends houses: The Wards, Acker's, Thompson's (Ben's parents - we were with Ben, Amanda, & Sophia - aka: The Ladybug), the Morgan's, & Whitehursts. So fun to visit these families & show off our little darling.

Trick or Treat was too much of a mouthful for her, so we just stuck with 'treat'. When she realized that the treats were chocolate, she was okay with it.

Happy Halloween!!
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Faith said...

I kept looking at Nichole & hubby's picture, and thinking, "Who are they pretending to be? They look so familiar!" Spot on!
What a wonderful first "treat" for your little cutie pie.

Julie T said...

That is so funny! I totally figured it out before I read who they were supposed to be! So "creative"! Glad you had a good time.

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Too funny!! Jim & Nicole rocked the Adams' family ;).

And Ella-roo is too cute ... I'm glad she got to enjoy some of her treats ;).

summer said...

ha ha, I am dying that is hysterical, not that they look just like you but I'm pretty sure they did a great impression :) And Ella was a great butterfly, as far as edible butterflies go!