Monday, October 04, 2010

18 Months!

Wow. 'They' say time goes so quickly when you have a little one in the house & 'they' are right. I truly can't believe that my little peach is 18 months old. She's a toddler!! I decided that when she turned 18 months old, that I can no longer count how old she is in months. I don't want to be the mother that says 'oh yes, she's 173 months old'. You know the one. That won't be me. So, for the next 30 days, my peach is 18 months old. After that, we turn to year(s). Sigh.

Here she is with her elephant. The last elephant photo was taken at 12 months. What a HUGE change in 6 months:

At 18 months Eloise is:

RUNNING everywhere. She is busy & has lots to do. Consequently, so do I.

Loves to talk. Tells you all kinds of things in a very serious voice most of the time - with an occasional growl thrown in for good measure.

Eats almost anything we give to her. She's starting to become a little picky. I'm trying to discourage that behavior.

LOVES to color. Asks to color daily & holds the crayon in her right hand, correctly. So cute.

Loves her shoes & socks. She likes to carry them around and announce their presence too.

Asks for her 'nigh-nigh' & kissy throughout the day (her lovie blanket & pacifier).

Loves to help mama with laundry & putting away dishes.

Loves to read books.

Has learned the kittie's names & likes to follow them around. 'Dee-don' doesn't love this new development.

Listens for planes & tells me about them. Also listens for lawn mowers & tells me about them too. She can even say lawn mower. :)

Weighs 23 pounds.

When going through the drive-thru at Starbucks, she says 'bye-bye' after I'm finished placing my order. Cracks me up.

She's starting to use her words to say please & thank you now. I love it. She also said 'bless you' today when I sneezed.

She learns new things daily, and it is a privilege & a joy to be her mama & get to watch this little blossom unfold. What a blessed mama I am!
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Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

:D Ahhh, the joys of each stage of life ... I remember thinking, this is my favorite, no wait, this is my favorite. I think I love them all, it's so fun to watch our babes turn into little people :).

Love you Ella!

Kelly said...

What a big girl! Wow! Come for a visit soon or she'll be a teenager before we know it!