Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Getting Closer... looking like a real house! :)

I went by today with my camera & snapped a few shots before I felt odd being there alone with the workers. Not that they asked me to leave, I just decided that being in an empty house alone with a strange male inside & 1 outside wasn't the smartest choice I'd made all day. So, not such a grand plan after all. But here's what I got before I fled. :)

I can not wait to make this our new home.
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Erin said...

the floors look awesome. I'm jealous!

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Very nice!!
And I can see the glow from the pink room ;).

Is the room in front of the kitchen bar the 'green/orange/aqua' fun room?

The floors are beautiful ... but you're going to have to learn to embrace the footprints or you will make yourself CA-RAZY!!

summer said...

I <3 it! Especially that built-in in the kitchen, amazing! Can't wait to see some pictures with it painted and lived in :)

The Duman Family said...

Very exciting!!!