Friday, August 20, 2010

How 'bout an Update??

Well it seems that I've taken an unannounced blog-cation. I've been a little busy these past few weeks, what with the marrying of a certain best girl, the short (but OH SO fun) visiting of another best girl, the packing & moving prep (T minus 3 weeks people!!), & the scrapping. Whew! So much amazing life stuff right now - my heart over flows - and my blogging schedule has suffered as a result. :) I thought I'd start with a few LO's that I did at Scrappy Thursday this week. I completed 5 (count them FIVE) layouts in my few short hours at the LSS. SO much fun. Here's a little peek at what I did:

The new bride - right before she was proposed to (although she didn't know it at the time!):

Nicole always answers the phone in a hilarious voice 'YELLLLLLOW?' whenever I call. I love it.

My precious at just a few days old:

Auntie Cole & Uncle SG were Eloise's first visitors at the hospital the day she was born. They came with excitement, flowers, & Starbucks. Aren't my friends awesome?? Love them.

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Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Yea, I'm glad you're sneaking in a little you time in the midst of all the crazy :).
I likey the layouts ... but I only counted 3 ... Hmmmm. 2 more please?

Nicole said...

SOOOO Fun! Love 'em =)

Nicole said...

So fun! Love 'em!!