Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's For Dinner?

Tonight Eloise had left over peas, pears, & we introduced her to squash. She thought it was delish as you will soon see in the pictures. The first picture however, was taken last night. She has decided that the new lovie is just the best & sleeps every night like this:

At first I was worried, but if I go move it off of her face, she just puts it right back. Eventually through the night, she moves it to her side. I love how she loves to snuggle!

Now on to dinner:

She is able to now pick up the puffs and put them in her mouth! She still spits them out, but she eats them sooner or later. :)

Daddy feeding her squash: (She likes to help & as you will see in the next photo, she's very helpful....).

Mmmm! Dinner was gggoooooddd!

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Andrea said...

The last one made me shudder ... and you let her get so messy in her new outfit from Auntie A? It's a good thing I wasn't there! :P

He Gives Us Manna said...

Eli has always slept with his blanket over his head. I would suffocate myself...but he loves it. Even if I move it off he just puts it right back on. It must be an Adams thing.

Faith said...

OMG, that last squash pic looks like it came from our house in 1975...

amanda said...

My niece use to sleep with her blanket covering her face too. Crazy.
I love the food pics, I have a picture of Abigail with oatmeal all over her face, hands and feet. Good thing their washable and spray n' wash was invented!
Happy Weekend!