Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Weekend Recap...

Is Tuesday too late for a weekend recap? I don't think here goes!

Last Thursday this fine young lady came to visit us. We were thrilled to have her here for a few short days. We jam packed our weekend with fun adventures to be had & lots of girlie time (Tim was a great sport & participated in most of the girlie fun). Here's a quick list of what we did:

Thursday evening: Picked Erin-o up from the airport

Friday: Ran errands for Beth's birthday party (which we hosted later that evening - pictures coming in a post soon), went to Corvallis to have coffee with Nicole, ran more Beth party related errands, came home & got ready for the party.

Saturday: Nicole came over (& there was MUCH rejoicing!!), we went to lunch at Wild Pear - Eloise in costume, shopped downtown a little bit, went home & decided to scrapbook. That's when it started to go downhill...
I had a *little bit* of an unorganized mess on my hands. Now, if you know me at all, you know that messes aren't my thing. But apparently that doesn't apply to scrapbooking for me. So...I pulled out a basket & told the girls I needed to organize it before we could scrap. Nicole took one look at the space & said - that's more than just a basket. I think Erin wanted to get back on the plane right then. :) Two hours (yes, I said two HOURS) later, we finished organizing the space & started to scrap in my newly renovated scrap area. I love it now & I promise girls, I will keep up the good organization in this pretty, pretty area now. :)
Saturday evening we handed out candy & scrapped while watching a Halloween movie & eating delicious squash soup that Erin made for us.

Sunday: we played in the morning, and then headed to the beach after lunch. We went to Neskowin & to the Outlet mall in Lincoln City. Sunday night, Nicole went home. We were sad.

Monday: we went to Busick Court for breakfast (YUMM) & then went & for a walk to take pictures of the fall leaves around my neighborhood. Then it was time to take Miss Erin to the airport. Eloise cried. :) So we took her up there & dropped her off. We ended up going over to Laura's house & staying the night with her, so that helped take away some of the hurt of my girls leaving me. Thanks again Erin & Nicole for a wonderful weekend together! Love my girls...

Here is Nicole in the midst of scrapbook reorg 2009. This is about 1 hour in:

The table:

Erin's true feelings about the project come out:

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