Monday, September 21, 2009

Johnny Jump-Up or Johnny Stand Around?

A few weeks ago, Ella got a Johnny Jump-up, which is all fine & good. Except...that she doesn't know how to use it. She just stands in it & looks around. I've tried bouncing her to show her what to do, but she doesn't care. She's content to just hang out (literally) in it & look at the world around her. So...I've declared the contraption a 'Johnny Stand Around'. :) Here are a few pics of sweet pea in her Johnny Stand Around:

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Andrea said...

I love it! And hey, maybe the girl just doesn't like to jump ... she probably doesn't want to get all sweaty :P.

Either way if she likes it, yea! The hallway is now a party place isn't it? Can you fold laundry in the hallway? I bet she'd love to watch you :).

ChoirPres said...

I love the first two pictures best! She looks like she overate and just can't take it! Too cute.

Erin said...

too funny! sounds like she needs some jumping motivation. Maybe some drums under her feet? or fun stuff to reach for?