Wednesday, September 02, 2009

5 Months

Okay Kelly, here it is!! Her 5 months elephant photo in one of the adorable onesies you made her for such occasion! :)

Can you believe Eloise is 5 months old already? I can't believe it...but it's true. This little sweetie just keeps getting stronger & more adorable each day. Here are some of the pics from the 5 month photo shoot:

Like how she put her hand on the side of the chair? She did that on her own - that wasn't staged. :) Here are some of the things she's doing this month:

She can now grab her toes & she finds them very interesting
She loves to have 'horsey rides' on your lap while you sing to her
She will sit and read 4 books in a row with you
She lifts her head up when I come in to get her in the morning & smiles at me
She loves playing on her play-mat - but she still won't roll over...
She thinks that anyone that is near her or around should be looking at her. If they don't - she stares them down.
She finds her voice & raspberries like nobody's business
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Andrea said...

Have I told you I'm just a wee bit excited to get to hold and munch on this one? Who will celebrate her half birthday right before you get here! We better have a party ;).

andrea said...

5 months?! Where has time gone?! She is a cutie patootie!

Acker Family said...

She's adorable!!

Kelly said...

AH! She's so cute! I love it! I'm excited to get to see her again. And you too of course...I do get to see you guys when you're here right? RIGHT?

soundguy said...

Oh Fitz, don't forget your uncle Jim while he's gone. He can't wait to catch up and see all your cuteness around Christmas time.

Michelle said...

Ella is soooo cute...I've been meaning to tell you congrats for a while now! I've enjoyed looking at all her pics these past few months. You and Tim must be so happy and proud to be parents of such a lovely little girl!

Bethany said...

Seriously, she's not aloud to get any cuter. I won't allow all this competition for cutest baby girl, Claire totally had that in the bag... Ella's giving her a run for her money!

Erin said...

ok, I'm not really happy about all these people talking about seeing her soon....UGH! I hate that I'm so far away. She's adorable by the way!