Monday, March 02, 2009


Is anyone still reading this? Is anyone still posting to this (that may be the real question). Yes, I am here. I've been trying for about 1 hour tonight to upload pictures to post, but Picasa isn't having it & now I'm crabby, so I'm not having it here you are - a new post from a crabby host. :)

Today our school celebrated Dr. Suess' birthday. We celebrated in style by inviting our students to dress up as a book character or in their PJ's. I chose to be 'Thing 1' & 'Thing 2' all by myself. Ella was labeled as 'Thing 2'. It was rather entertaining & I took pictures & everything - but no - they won't load. Ah well. Maybe another day this week I can post them?

My sister came over yesterday & spent the night & then today here. It was SO nice to have her & the girlies around. I now have new hair, massaged toes & a prego-pedi was tonight's treat. Thank you again Laura for coming & for all of the pampering that you did! (Not to mention her help & the girls' help with cleaning!!).

I have some exciting news that I'd love to share, but I'll wait for the keeper of said exciting news to post to her blog first. When she does - I'll let you know - but I'm about to burst, so I hope she has time soon!!

This week marks week 34 for me - 42 days left...(I also had an updated belly picture to share, but no such luck tonight - not that I'm bitter or anything...). :)


Erin said...

Sounds like a fun day at school! I never use picasa to post my pictures, because I always have issues. I just post them one by one from my computer files. Can't wait to see your pics!

ChoirPres said...

I'm still reading! And you are doing a better job than I am in the posting department. The "special news" post to which you refer is coming - just as soon as I have time to sit down and do something about it. Can't wait to see you and Thing 2. I bet it was hilarious! Have a fabulous day! =)

Andrea said...

Maybe I can teach you how to post pics the "easier" way ... then you can post as many as you like too! Add that to our list, k?

In the meantime I'm glad you at least gave us a little sumpin' sumpin' on the blog :). Can't wait to see the pictures!!


Ackerfam said...

Finally. I love reading your blog and I was getting worried something was wrong :) Sounds like a fun Dr. Seuss party! Can't wait to see pictures!

andrea said...

Maddy came home earlier this week talking all about their Dr. Seuss day. Fun!!