Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where Oh Where Have I Been?!

Well, visiting Nana in South Carolina of course! Tim & I headed to SC 2 weeks ago with our dear friends Ben & Amanda. Ben & Amanda stayed one week, & Tim & I stayed two. It was a wonderful time filled with family (my Nana, my Dad, aunt, uncle, cousins, & extended family popping in & out) & friends & lots of relaxation. While I was there I interviewed over the phone for my job & accepted it in Charleston while we were visiting for the day. We also hit Myrtle beach for several days, went to Columbia to shop & visit the State House, & had pedicures. Lots of fun for a girl on summer vacation! Here is round one of photos:

A look from the lake @ Nana's house(s).

Ben, Tim, & Reese getting ready to ride the tube

And they're off

My feet in the Atlantic ocean - so warm - so nice!

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