Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Thursday afternoon I was teaching away - when I got an e-mail from Andrea. She was announcing that I was going to have visitors...so with that - I finished up my teaching day & scrambled home for some serious house cleaning. As most of you know, our house is *usually* clean - but when I know people are coming...I must do more. So I did...& I was exhausted by the time I went to bed. Of course, I couldn't sleep because I was SOOO excited that My Andrea, My Ethan, & Matt :) were coming to visit me.

We played, played, played. I'm sad to say that they went home today - but we had a wonderful time. We are thinking about making this a bi-weekly weekend tradition. Want to play Andrea?! The only catch is, you come here. I think we should make Erin play too. Everyone come to me...that will work out best. :)

Yesterday afternoon we visited the tulip fields. In the rain. In the hail. In the drizzle. Did I mention the weather wasn't great!? After waiting in the car for a few minutes - we braved the elements in order to take a few pictures. Here are some of them...

Andrea playing in the tulips...

Andrea, we don't lick the tulips. Didn't your mom ever teach you that?!

Enjoying a yummy dessert & hot chocolate break from all of our shopping on Saturday... (Waitress took the picture a little bit fuzzy...) Ah well. :)

Andrea absolutely ecstatic that she got to go to THE fabric store. I was content to play along. Not nearly as excited as she apparently was from this picture!!

Thank you guys for coming to visit us - we had a blast (as always) with you. Come again anytime!!
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Erin said...

hmmm...are you funding this bi-weekly tradition...especially if we're all coming to you? If I can locate that money tree I've been looking for...I'll totally play along!

Melissa said...

Too cool! That is so neat! And it looks like, despite the Oregon weather, the tulip fields were worth it! So beautiful!