Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Nieces...

Yesterday after school while I was teaching a piano lesson - Laura called to ask if they could come visit. I was instantly thrilled that they were coming - as I hadn't seen them since before spring break. :( They arrived a short while later & the girls played in the backyard before we headed off to Red Robin for dinner - yummm! While there, they sang happy birthday to Nellie - who will be turning 5 on Friday. 5! I can't hardly believe it.

We returned home to have a tea party with Polly Pocket, play with the new train set, & help Uncle Tim conquer the Wii. Laura also straightened my hair (yay!!!) & we painted our nails (again - yay!!).

Thank you girls for coming down - it was a perfect evening!!

Here is Mia with a surprise in her jacket...

Surprise!! It's animals everywhere!!!

Nellie & Mia 'helping' Uncle Tim play the Wii.

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Amanda said...

Just doing some catch up on a "rad" gals blog. I've got a bunch of rad time on my hands post my non-rad wisdom tooth removal.

Aren't 5 year olds totally rad!

Have a great weekend!