Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is Anybody There???!

Hello, again. This is a bit embarrassing - with the over a month gap in my posts this time, I'm not even sure where to begin....

We've been busy? I have fallen off of the blog bandwagon? I still love my blog, but forget about it? Yep, yep, & yeppers. I will really try to keep updating from time to time - as I do love to blog - but apparently I don't take photos anymore. And when I do, I apparently don't blog them anymore. :) Ah well, we do the best we can, right?

Here is a photo of me & E on our first day of school:

Here is E this summer riding horses with Grandma GG.

Here she is riding a wooden horse at Grammy Faith's house:

And just for fun, here's a pic of a very happy E at dinner one night.

Who knows, maybe I'll even do another post sometime'd better stay tuned....just in case.

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Melissa said...

Yes, I am here, and I am ready for a new post!! : )