Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Belated Update

Do you remember back at the beginning of July, when we had the 4th of July? You do?? GREAT! I have some pics to share from you from then. That's right - I just uploaded them tonight. Sigh.

Here is Eloise getting her first manicure from big cousin Nellie. Adorable. Eloise chose a hot pink color for her fingers & green for her toes. She was very proud.

Patriotic cupcakes:

My mom enjoying her E time:

Eloise holding a sparkler!?!? YIKES! That's right - Daddy wanted her to play with sparklers - so I quietly prayed & worried as they did. :) And guess what? She was just fine.

Maybe I won't wait 48 days until my next post. Maybe I will. I guess we'll all have to wait & see. :)

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