Monday, July 13, 2009

This is IT!!!

Spoiler alert: Jim, don't look at the picture - you'll ruin the surprise of seeing Nicole in her wedding dress!!

On Saturday, Nicole, Bethie, Eloise & I went wedding dress shopping for Nicole & Jim's upcoming wedding. We went to three different wedding boutiques in search of the perfect dress for Miss Nicole. Thankfully at the second store, we found the perfect dress for Nicole. What's not to like about this dress??!!? It's purple, has LOTS of lace, beads, silk flowers, satin, & flair. You name, it this dress has it. And for a non-saucy girl like Nicole, this dress says it all...

AHhhhhhh! Just kidding. This dress was SO over the top that we had to get a pic of her in it & be a little snarky with it. Thankfully the sales girl agreed with us & wasn't offended by our complete mockery of this creation. The search does continue, but she did in fact find several very beautiful options, this one however, did not make the cut.
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ChoirPres said...

Wow - aside from the "lovely" dress, this is also a super-flattering picture. I think the purple dress devil might be possessing me! Yikes.

Erin said...

Oh my! I've been waiting for pics and your description of this dress just didn't do it justice!