Thursday, April 09, 2009

Curly hair

Any guesses on eye color?
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Andrea Davidson said...

My goodness her hair grew fast in just a couple of days! I think Eloise will have big brown eyes but you never know. I have green, Ryan has hazel and Rogan has BLUE.

Your little princess is darling. I am looking forward to seeing all the changes to come. :)

Bethany said...

I remember when Claire's hair looked just like that. Aren't they just adorable at bath time?
I'm going to guess brown. Big, brown, adorable eyes!

Andrea said...

Seriously, I can't wait to see that curly blonde mop when it gets grown out. I'll forever be jealous of her hair too!

I'm guessing blue eyes ;). That's what her mama wanted, right?

ChoirPres said...

Of course she wanted a blue-eyed blonde. Why wouldn't you? =P I can't wait to see Princess Baby Pants' first pig-poofs.

Erin said...

Cute curly haired girl! Oh and pig poufs will be adorable! Her eye color can change up until like 9 mos old or something, you know.